About Us

Cultivated {cultured, educated, well read, well informed; civilized, enlightened, discerning, discriminating, refined, polished; sophisticated, urbane, cosmopolitan; courteous, polite, well mannered, mannerly, gracious}

Bohemians {nonconformist, unconventional person, beatnik, hippy, avant-gardist, free spirit, artistic, unorthodox, avant-garde, offbeat, off-center, irregular, original, alternative, experimental, artistic, idiosyncratic, eccentric}

Cultivated Bohemians is a Philadelphia based Wellness + Lifestyle studio and brand created for free-thinkers, the artist, the mavericks and everything in between. We carry an in-house hand crafted collection and also a curated collection of goods from other amazing creators and makers. Our core purpose is to not only create a safe space for relatable wellness but also constantly introduce the Cultivated Community to fresh new products and brands!